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The Vikings Will Try To Replace Kirk Cousins After This Season

Photo: Timothy Nwachukwu

Jason Smith: "Kirk Cousins is going to wind up being Ryan Fitzpatrick. After this year, you know the Vikings are going to want to start over. It's going to be another year of 'maybe next year the Vikings are going to be good.' Eventually, hope leaves the building, and the hope that they can build a championship team with Kirk Cousins is going to be gone. Tonight in a game on national TV, he was terrible. But that's kind of who he has been. He's not suddenly going to change and become a great quarterback. After this year, you're going to see a big changeover. They will try to move on from Kirk Cousins. This is the rubber meets the road year for him. This is going to be it for Kirk in Minnesota."

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to the Vikings losing to the Eagles on Monday night. Jason explains why the Vikings should look to replace Kirk Cousins after this season, despite their large investment in him. Jason believes Cousins has been given more than enough opportunities to prove that he could lead Minnesota to a deep playoff run, but his notable primetime struggles have become too momentous to overcome and the franchise needs to accept that this is as good as Kirk Cousins can be.