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Jason Smith: Kevin Stefanski Needs to Stand up and Be a Man

Jason Smith: "With the big fallouts in week 2 of the NFL, the Browns are the main headline. Today, Nick Chubb said, 'that it’s my entire fault on scoring and giving the other team a chance to win.' I feel bad for Nick Chubb, it’s not his fault. No one is talking about how all of this is Kevin Stefanski's fault. Kevin has to come out and be a bleepin’ man and take the blame. I wanted him to stand up and take this blame, and he didn’t. He needs to stand up and be a man. This is the part that makes me crazy, coaches know that they’re bad at clock management! They could’ve kneeled the ball and that’s it. When the fans know and the coaches don’t, that’s a problem."

Jason Smith takes a deep dig into Browns head coach, Kevin Stefanski.