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Chris Broussard: "Robert Sarver Made it Worse Instead of Making it Better"

Photo: Christian Petersen

Today on The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker, Chris and Rob discuss Robert Sarver’s announcement of selling both the Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Mercury. Rob says that Adam Silver and the NBA misread the situation by thinking Sarver could return in just a year. Chris doesn’t buy Sarver’s apology and thinks he made it worse rather than making it better!

Rob Parker: “I think Adam Silver botched this. He misread this and the NBA got it wrong. Robert Sarver understands that he can’t go on, but he thought Adam Silver could smooth this over.”

Chris Broussard: “We don’t believe Sarver’s a “man of faith.” Where was your faith when you were repeating the N-word all the time? I do forgive him, but justice must be served. There’s no reason for Sarver to place “unforgiving climate” into his ridiculous statement. You made it worse than making it better.”