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Jason Smith and Mike Harmon React to Udoka’s Violation of Code of Conduct

Photo: Elsa

Today on The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon, Jason and Mike react to the breaking news of Celtics HC Ime Udoka facing disciplinary action by the Celtics for having an improper consensual relationship with a female member of the organization, violating organizational guidelines. Jason and Mike explain and discuss the severity of Udoka’s situation and its optics, yet the situation leaves Udoka’s job seemingly not in jeopardy, according to major NBA insiders.

Jason Smith: “One of the big things organizations bring up with workplace relationships and how dicey it is dealing with a relationship where someone who is in a position in power over someone else. This is a female member of the team’s staff. So if you’re on the team’s staff, you kind of report to Ime Udoka. 'Improper-consensual' kind of don’t go together. The fact that it’s in the workplace and it being described as being ‘improper and consensual’ — I’m just not cool with that.”