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Chris Broussard & Rob Parker: Ime Udoka Won't Coach for Celtics Again

Photo: Elsa

Chris Broussard: “I think he’s done there. This is where you get your agent to work and there might be a team that wants to pick him up right away. He’s proved himself as a coach... If there is an opportunity out there I would resign, if there isn’t I would just let it play out. I don’t see him going back to the Celtics, maybe if they are really bad this season I can see him coming back next season, maybe...”
Rob Parker: “I disagree with you. With this climate, in this time I do not think someone can just go somewhere after an incident like this. You need a punishment, the NBA would not let that happen. I don’t think anyone wants to have Udoka on their team this season, I’m not saying forever. He’ll be suspended for a year without being around the team, there’s no way he’s ever going to be to reconnect with people in the organization of the Celtics. This is a whole year, not two months. This is a very long time, he will realize he won’t be able to come back to Boston & will have to go somewhere else in his future.”

Tonight on The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard & Rob Parker the two react to breaking news by update anchor Monse Bolanos of Ime Udoka’s year suspension for the 2022-2023 NBA season. After a very successful season by the Celtics in 2021-2022, the guys both agree that the Celtics will have some trouble without him as head coach this upcoming season. The guys also agreed that they don’t think Udoka will be head coach of the Celtics next season.