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Jason Smith: It’s Kenny Pickett Time

Photo: Courtney Culbreath

Jason Smith: “Mitchell was non-existent in the second half. There are serious problems with the offense, they are taking chances & nothing is working. They have ten days until their next game, it’s now Kenny Pickett time. This is when you make the move... He’s seen what it’s like to be an NFL quarterback it’s time to get him out there. Maybe it’s not an announcement until next week but if this your offense, it’s not good enough to win games. Time to open it up and play the new franchise quarterback. It’s as simple as you have a quarterback & offense that’s underperforming &  you have a 1st round draft pick waiting to get his start. It’s time to make the bold decision.”
Mike Harmon: “The Steelers have a lot bigger problems than just Trubisky. He had a couple of throws that should have been hauled in, the offensive line crumbled, defense couldn’t stop anybody & they’re not electric. If you think you can get juice from Pickett then go for it, if you can’t compete with teams you have to decide what you’re really playing for.”

Tonight on the Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon, the guys broke down the Steelers 29-17 loss to the Browns on TNF. In the first three games of the season, Mitchell Trubisky has thrown for 194, 168, & 217 yards with 2 touchdowns. The Steelers have only put up 24, 14 & 17 points in their first three meetings. Jason is sure that Kenny Pickett should be starting Week Four for the Steelers; Mike agrees if it’s the only way to give the Steelers a spark.