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Jerry Jones Convinced Cooper Rush Will Produce for the Cowboys

Photo: Richard Rodriguez

Dan Beyer: “We’re talking about one game here, he said Dak would be back in week four, now he’s saying Cooper can produce the way Dak would... It makes no sense. Does Jerry Jones really want Cooper Rush to be the quarterback of the Cowboys? No I don’t think so. This is Jerry just speaking in the moment, what he does best.”
Aaron Torres: “Cooper Rush was 19/31, 235 yards & one touchdown. He wasn’t Patrick Mahomes out there. That’s the funny thing to me, if he threw for 300+ yards and 3 touchdowns then this would be a different discussion.”

Today on The Two Headed Monster, Dan Beyer & Aaron Torres talked about Jerry Jones optimism in Cooper Rush while Dak Prescott is out with a fractured thumb injury. While the guys both respect Jerry for believing in his back-up quarterback, they aren’t sold on Cooper Rush just after one week of football.