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Leave Race Out Of Ime Udoka’s Suspension

Photo: Michael Reaves

Some in the media are pointing out that Boston Celtics HC Ime Udoka is being treated differently for his transgressions than he would be if he were white. Racism claims are being brought up yet again and Doug just isn’t seeing it. In fact, he takes the media to task for crying wolf and yet again applying the race card where it doesn’t belong. From the Celtics response all the way to the general media coverage, this whole incident has been handled above board and out in the open, so any mention of racism is just embarrassing.

Doug Gottlieb: “The Celtics get all their ducks in a row, Ime (Udoka) decides to take a year-long suspension and they have a press conference today. Like, I don’t really understand any of the hullabaloo. But people who want to equate it to race or to ‘why are we covering this?’ We in the media have to be better, have to know better...equating everything to being about race is embarrassing.”