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Doug Gottlieb Knows Exactly What the Packers Are Trying to Do

Doug Gottlieb: “What I see from the Packers is not a virtuoso. They have an ensemble cast of young guys who are coming of age to spread the field and then they want to run the football. Not because it helps you beat Tampa or because it looks good in September, they’re thinking if they get to January, and then run through the 17 game regular season, then win their division, compete for home field throughout and play at home in Green Bay and you better be able to control the rock and be physical and then let your defense ‘have at it’. Their plan isn’t pretty, or fun, or play to Aaron Rodgers skill set but it will help Rodgers win another Super Bowl.”

All things aside, the formual for success preseneted by Doug Gottlieb is simple, not pretty but relibale.