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The AFC West is the Most Overrated Division in the NFL

Photo: Michael Hickey

Jason Smith: "The AFC West is completely overrated. I said it in the offseason, 10-7 might win the division. They're going to end up canibalizing each other, but not because these teams are great, but because they're all now more equal because they've all got good quarterbacks and made additions.10-7 might win that division. That division is completely overrated and has been since the beginning of the season. What's the best division in football, if I had to say top-to-bottom right now? AFC North. All of those teams are a modicum of good, and even the teams that are 1-2 are pretty good."

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon assess the disappointment across the AFC West through the first 3 weeks of the season. From the Raiders 0-3 start, to the lackluster new-look offense of the Broncos, to an injury-riddled Chargers, to the Chiefs losing to the struggling Colts, Jason believes the AFC West is proving to be the most overrated division in football given the huge preseason hype. Jason and Mike break down why the AFC North is actually the best division in the NFL right now.