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The Super Bowl Halftime Show Needs More Rock

Pepsi Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Show

Photo: Getty Images North America

Steve Covino: "Metallica, are they not big enough for you?! METALLICA, YOU EVER HEARD OF EM?! How about the Chili Peppers? They played back up as a special guest to Bruno Mars. They never headlined it! How about the Foo Fighters with special guest drummers as a tribute to the late great Taylor Hawkins, I think they're big enough. How about Green Day? Pearl Jam? Guns N' Roses? I don't know, they only sell out in seconds!"

Steve Covino and Rich Davis react to Rihanna being named the Super Bowl halftime show performer for Super Bowl 57. While the guys like the choice of Rihanna, Covino believes the Super Bowl continues to miss the mark by neglecting to use marquee rock bands as headliners for the show.