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Does the NFL Actually Care About It's Players?

Photo: Sarah Stier

Chris Broussard: “For all the talk about the NFL caring about its players, let’s be honest they don’t care about their players. For example, they now put a 17th game... I love the 17th game idea but it doesn’t help the player’s health & safety issue. The NFL does things to make more money, they don’t think about the players when money is there. The reason most teams have turf is because it’s cheaper than grass, its way easier to maintain than grass. I get what OBJ is saying, I don’t mind teams going to grass, games may be slower but we have to keep the players healthy.”
Rob Parker: “We obviously know that the turf is a money grab. These are things to fight for in the collective bargain contract. This kind of stuff can cut your career short, the players have to get things done. They are the game.”

Tonight on The Odd Couple, Chris & Rob react to Odell Beckham Jr’s tweet about players getting injured more often from non-contact incidents. After Sterling Shepard’s injury on MNF against the Cowboys many people are questioning if the NFL truly cares about its players. Chris & Rob found that a player is 28% more likely to get injured on turf than on grass. The two agree that there are some serious concerns for safety within the league& the best way for there to be any action would be the players stepping up & saying something like Odell.