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Kyler Murray Is Throwing Teammates Under the Bus Already

Photo: Christian Petersen

Dan Beyer & Aaron Torres, filling in for Doug Gottlieb on The Doug Gottlieb Show, address Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray’s postgame comments after their loss to the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, dropping their record to 1-2. Kyler had spoken at length about his own responsibility for the team’s success in the offseason, but it only took until week 3 for him to turn on his own squad instead of taking responsibility for his own poor play.

Dan Beyer: “Instead of being a leader and talking about what he (Kyler Murray) can do better...he takes the opportunity to throw them under the bus.”

Aaron Torres: “It does feel like he’s ducking some of the blame...It’s one thing to call out your teammates, it’s another thing when you are part of the problem.”