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More Franchises Should Convert to Grass Fields

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants

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Following Sterling Shepard's season ending ACL tear at MetLife Stadium, Odell Beckham Jr. and other players around the league have spoken up about wanting to play more on grass fields vs artificial turf. 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe weigh in on the uptick of lower body injuries and the lack of response from the NFLPA.

Brady Quinn: "I think there's been an uptick in some of these lower body extremity injuries as a combination of the cleats that Nike is producing, because they've become lighter and less durable, but then also the field turf. Clearly the artificial fields are a step up from AstroTurf, but it's it's not a step up from grass. And if the NFLPA really cared about the health and safety of its players, it would it put them on grass.
I know that comes at a greater expense to these NFL franchises and obviously it hurts even the stadium or venue because they can't have as many events and concerts and other things around that. But it would be in the best interests of players and unfortunately they don't care enough about players to want to make sure they provide them with a better surface to play on.
Hence the reason why Baltimore went from the field turf field to grass. Steve Bisciotti, he's one of the owners that's like, 'Hey, I've got a quarterback who I can't afford to try to lose to a lower body extremity injury, so I'm gonna put grass back in this place. We're going to make it work that way.'"