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Roger Maris Jr. Confirms Aaron Judge Is "The Peoples' Home Run Champ"


Jason Smith: "I'm telling you, that Maris' comments are just the continuing of people having the conversation of Aaron Judge being the true homerun champ. Pretty soon, you're going to start seeing backlash from players like Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire, but people will say that 'Judge is the guy, because he isn't tainted by scandal, even though there are other names ahead of him in the record books.'"
Mike Harmon: "All Maris Jr. is doing is keeping it in the house, and I respect that!... But at this point, MLB hasn't done anything about, so if they suddenly had a knee-jerk reaction and actually put their foot down about it just because it's a Yankee, it would look very bad on them"

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to Roger Maris Jr.'s comments, where he states that he believes Judge is the true HR champion in MLB history because he is a clean player. Listen to the full segment above!