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Chris Nowinski: Our Heroes Are Dying Way too Young and It's a Shame

Chris Nowinski: "The Dolphins and teams alike are trying to get away with situations like these all the time. All we’re doing is watching our heroes die way too young, and it’s a shame. If I was Tua, I wouldn’t come out to play for the Dolphins ever again. In this situation, with brainstem posturing – I would not have sent him home on a plane. We’re watching mistake after mistake after mistake. Two concussions in five days can kill you, I know these families and even if it doesn’t kill you it will be a life changing event – I know this, I had two in one week and it caused me a 15 year headache, sleep disorder and a long list I’m still trying to get over. The NFL needs to learn from this."

Former WWE wrestler and current CEO of the Concussion Legacy Foundation, Dr. Chris Nowinski joins The Jason Smith Show to discuss the recent Tua Tagovailoa head injuries.