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Drew Brees: Hiding Injuries Is Second Nature

Photo: Chris Graythen

Future Hall of Fame QB, Drew Brees joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. Dan asks about the injury to Miami Dolphins QB, Tua Tagovailoa (which he didn’t actually see) and how often he found himself trying to hide his own injuries during his career. He previews tonight’s Dolphins/Bengals matchup and expects a strong effort from Cincinnati. And he talks about a possible future coaching in the NFL, which is attractive but isn’t likely to happen anytime soon since he is really enjoying spending more time with his family.

Dan Patrick: “How often would you hide an injury?”

Drew Brees: “All the time, all the time...The rate of injury in the NFL is 100%, right? We always tell ourselves that. I get asked the question, ‘Weren’t you afraid of getting hurt?’ No, because you just expect to get hurt at some point and you expect that you’re going to have to play through it, that’s just the nature of the beast. Now when it comes to head and neck injuries, I think we’ve recognized that that is totally different and, whereas in the past that was ignored, it is something that is even more important..."