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Eli Manning and Russell Wilson Are Being Teed Up For These Jokes

Dallas Cowboys v Denver Broncos

Photo: Getty Images

Thursday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington offer up their conspiracy theories surrounding the traded barbs between El Manning and Russell Wilson and even though the jokes seem light hearted, the guys sense an air of truth and awkward tension in Denver.

Jonas Knox: "[Russell Wilson] screwed up. He should have just left it with, I'm 3-0 against Chad Powers. Unfortunately, he carried on and turned into a kiss ass again."
Brady Quinn: "It's interesting that it got brought up because it kind of seems out of left field. Like there's a lot of other things you could talk about in the course of the press conference, the fact that brought up almost leads me to think that someone tipped someone off to ask [Russell Wilson] about it so he could have that response."
LaVar Arrington: "[Eli Manning] taking a shot at at the guy they just paid all that money to, and to me it's like, is somebody's having buyer's remorse in the Denver Broncos organization?"