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Rob Parker: This Might Be the Best Individual MLB Season Ever

Chris Broussard: "Aaron Judge is doing something historic, he’s tied for the Yankees record for homeruns and American League record and on top of that he’s going for the Triple Crown."
Rob Parker: "I’m convinced he’s having the best season ever. It’s not about the homeruns; it’s about where we are in this game. The season, we've had the lowest batting average out of any season in the MLB, that’s where we are at. It’s harder to hit than ever! There used to be a time were teams had a couple pitchers, now they have 14 on their roster. And, only 14 guys have got the Triple Crown since 1876, and only two guys have done it since 1967. Every game and every at bat was meaningful for him and also the pressure for playing for a contract! When you wrap all those things together if he does earns the Triple Crown, homeruns not juiced up and AL homerun record – he will have the best season ever in baseball."

Chris and Rob layout what exactly needs to happen for Judge to have the best season of all time in the MLB.