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Baker Mayfield Has Dropped Off The Radar

Arizona Cardinals v Carolina Panthers

Photo: Getty Images North America

Dan Beyer: “Baker’s offseason was more of a conversation than Jimmy G’s was. Now we’re three plus weeks in, and he has completely fallen off the radar.”
George Wrighster: “He was always off the radar for me. He was never on the radar. I mean, it just didn’t make any sense to me, that people would say the Caronlina Panthers would have their fortunes dramatically changed by Baker Mayfield. It raised their floor, because their other option was Sam Darnold, who is obviously atrocious…it’s very difficult to win with guys like Baker, Jimmy G, Kirk Cousins, you must knock down all the obstacles around them.”
Dan Beyer: “The drama of where Baker was going, because there was that question, does tell me that people were interested one way or another, and I chose to give him the benefit of the doubt. I thought that the Baker who led the Browns to the playoffs was the real one, and it just has not worked out. Now we kind of know who he is.”

On Fox Sports Sunday with Dan Beyer and George Wrighster, the guys talked about the weird offseason hype surrounding Baker Mayfield's new home and how his play so far this season has completely taken him off the radar of football fans everywhere!