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Could This Be Baker Mayfield's Final Year in the NFL?

Photo: Jared C Tilton

Chris Broussard: "There is no doubt that Baker Mayfield is good enough to be a backup quarterback in the NFL, at least, next year. But it's almost like a Russell Westbrook thing - I don't know if he would be able to accept it. He's already getting into it with the fans in Carolina. Four weeks in, he may already be alienating himself from the fanbase. I still think he's good enough to be in the league, but if he continues this way, maybe his attitude and his aura where it could be a distraction to have Baker as a backup - that could possibly keep him out of the league."

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to another poor showing by the Panthers offense in their Week 4 loss to the Arizona Cardinals. Chris and Rob examine Baker Mayfield's performance thus far in a new uniform and wonder if he will struggle to find another job elsewhere after this season, given his decline in performance and questions of attitude in the locker room.