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Bobby Wagner Had Every Right to Give Protester the Business

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals

Photo: Getty Images

The protester who ran onto the field during Monday Night Football and was subsequently leveled by Rams' Bobby Wagner, has since filed a police report claiming 'blatant assault' by both the Rams and former All-Pro Linebacker. 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe react to the clown show that is anyone who decides to run onto a football field during a game and defend Bobby Wagner's right to hand out any punishment he sees fit.

Jonas Knox: "What is this guy's gripe? He ran on the field, he tried to be a protester. If somebody runs on the field, you have full clearance to light them up, correct"
Brady Quinn: "Oh, you get the business. You enter the arena. You get the real effects. I think Bobby Wagner is going to have a defense because, what was the guy holding, a smoke bomb? You don't know what he's gonna do with that. Once he enters that arena, you have to be able to have the ability to protect yourself. That's like a 'Stand Your Ground' law... I actually absolutely hate the fact that someone has the audacity to now sue after they trespassed in the first place, and then they're upset that they got knocked down. What a clown."