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Jerry Ferrara Maintains Barry Bonds is the True Record Holder

New York Yankees v Texas Rangers - Game One

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Friday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Actor and Co-Host of the Unleashed Podcast, Jerry Ferrara joins the guys to talk Bad Beats, Brian Daboll making his Giants legitimate and Aaron Judge hitting his 62nd home run.

Jerry Ferrara: "I do think it's history because we just haven't seen that number in a long time and it's still an impressive number anytime we talk about Ruth and Maris and the Yankee history for sure. Me personally, I'm sorry, Bonds has the record and that's the way I'll always feel. I love Aaron Judge, I'm a Yankees fan and 62 is almost as impressive as it could get, but think about it,11 more home-runs. Bonds has the record. I'm sorry, let's not lie about it."