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Coaches Need to Stop Operating Out of Fear of Patrick Mahomes

Photo: Jason Hanna

Jason Smith: "You can't make a decision because you're afraid of the other quarterback taking the other team down the field to win. You're telling me 'because it's Mahomes, we're afraid and we went for 2, but if it was Zach Wilson, we would have just kicked the extra point, we're not as afraid of him.' They made that decision because they were afraid of Patrick Mahomes. You can't coach that way. You have to have confidence in stopping them, which they did."
Mike Harmon: "Well, you are going to make decisions based on who is on the other sideline. I don't agree with them going for 2. But situationally, I am looking at things differently if it's Mahomes vs. someone like Zach Wilson or Justin Fields. It's a much different experience. Your confidence in stopping another team is going to vary based on who that quarterback is."

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to Josh McDaniels' poor decision to attempt a 2-point conversion leading to the Raiders losing to the Chiefs by 1 on Monday night. Jason explains why McDaniels clearly made this decision out of fear of Patrick Mahomes, believing that forcing a tie would be as good as a loss with the Chiefs offense set to take the field. The guys debate to what level teams should consider the opposing offense when making major decisions late in games.