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The NFL Wants Hugs, Not Sacks

Photo: David Eulitt

Another controversial roughing the passer penalty was called last night as the Kansas City Chiefs squeaked out a come from behind victory last night over the Las Vegas Raiders on Monday Night Football. Dan is convinced this is an overcorrection after the mishandling of Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa’s head injuries earlier in the season. It’s starting to look like you can’t actually tackle a quarterback anymore without being flagged.

Dan Patrick: “There’s going to be a moment this season, maybe in the postseason, where somebody holds onto a quarterback and he escapes, right? Maxx Crosby did this to (Patrick) Mahomes last night. He just held him. I’m just going to hold on and let’s (dance). This is like the Pro Bowl, but it’s for quarterbacks. Let me just hug you. So when somebody says, ‘Oh, how many sacks did you have?’ ‘No, we don’t use that word. We had 2 1/2 hugs last night.’ But that’s where we’re headed. It’s an overreaction, it’s an overcorrection.”