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Davante Adams Deserves The Charges But The Complaint Is Ridiculous

Photo: Chris Unger

Davante Adams has been charged for a misdemeanor assault in Kansas City and Covino and Rich continue their spirited debate on the situation for the Raiders star wide receiver. The guys understand that knocking the cameraman down wasn’t the smartest move, but the NFL is too inconsistent regarding these situations and disagrees with people who are quick to sue because they see dollar signs!

Rich Davis: "It wasn’t the right move and it was a jerk move. But, it’s ridiculous the media worker who got pushed down is saying he received whiplash, headache and a minor concussion!"

Steve Covino:  "Even though it could have just been a bad moment for Adams, the NFL is too inconsistent with instances like this. I hate the culture we live in where people are just quick to sue because they see dollar signs!"