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Ron Rivera Needs to Shoulder Blame for Throwing Carson Wentz Under the Bus

Photo: Michael Reaves

Jason Smith: “It’s comical that Ron Rivera gets mad about this question about his quarterback, when this would never have been a topic if he didn’t throw Carson Wentz under the bus earlier this week. He’s the one who brought it up and started this. Be a man and own up to it. I’m sorry it’s been a bad week and you coach for an organization that is riddled with controversy. But you are the reason this question is being asked."
Mike Harmon: “Ron Rivera took this job, and joined this organization that had Daniel Snyder as the owner. He knew exactly what he was walking into. He could’ve tuned into FOX Sports Radio early in the morning and heard a ton of stories from our own LaVar Arrington about how toxic the Washington organization is. He signed on because he wanted another chance, so he can’t be pissed off now that people want to criticize him and put him under a microscope.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to Commanders HC Ron Rivera’s postgame meltdown after he was questioned by media members about Dan Snyder, and comments he made about QB Carson Wentz earlier in the week. Listen to the full segment above!