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The Commanders Don’t Have Excuses

Photo: Scott Taetsch

The Washington Commanders are in Chicago to face the Bears tonight on Monday Night Football and, frankly, Dan may just watch baseball instead. Neither team is having a ton of success recently but while the Bears have the excuse of rebuilding around QB Justin Fields, the Commanders have none. They have a veteran QB, a good coach, and a supposedly strong defense so they should definitely be a better team than their record reflects.

Dan Patrick: “The Commanders don’t have excuses, and it’s not all on Carson Wentz. This is a team that’s supposed to have a good defense! They’re one of the worst defenses, I believe...aren’t they 25th in offense (and) 25th in defense? Man, they’re consistent. So, I can put some blame on Carson Wentz, but I got to put a lot of blame on Ron Rivera, the GM, the defense; where’s the support system...?”