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Jerry Jeudy Lacks Situational Awareness

Indianapolis Colts v Denver Broncos

Photo: Getty Images

During the Broncos loss to the Chargers on Monday Night Football, there were obvious displays of frustration from players on the sideline, including Broncos WR Jerry Jeudy. But Tuesday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Brady Quinn explains how Jeudy can work on his own issues on the field in order to help the quarterback.

Brady Quinn: "I get frustrated watching Jerry Jeudy. He's got so much talent and ability, yet lacks any awareness whatsoever of the timing of a play, where the ball is at. One of the things that quarterbacks have the biggest pet peeve with, is when a wide receiver gets so into their route and getting open."

To really send the message home, listen to Brady deliver expert sound effects of wide receivers running their routes,