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Sean Payton Should Take Over the Broncos Head Coaching Job

Houston Texans v Denver Broncos

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Tuesday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, the Denver Broncos continue to struggle under the leadership of HC Nathaniel Hackett and QB and Russell Wilson, and while the proven QB should get the benefit of the doubt, the first year head coach will shoulder most of the blame. The question then becomes who would replace Hackett if he's one and done and Jonas Knox believes Denver would be the "right situation" for Sean Payton's return.

Brady Quinn: "I think the frustration within the Broncos team is not going to be directed at Russell Wilson. It's going to be directed at their head coach right now. Because if we're being real, Russell Wilson comes in with the resume. He's been one of the most successful, prolific quarterbacks during that time period with the Seahawks. Nathaniel Hackett's got nothing..."
Jonas Knox: "If you're Sean Payton, would that be an attractive spot for you? The way the defense has played, and they've got the talent on offense and you got Russell Wilson. It just feels like every single week you're waiting for Denver to click and do something different and look better and better, and they just continue to struggle."