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Draymond's Documentary Was a Horrible Idea

Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors

Photo: Getty Images North America

The Odd Couple Chris Broussard and Rob Parker explain why they believe Draymond Green's self-produced documentary highlighting his infamous punch of teammate Jordan Poole was a horrible idea. Not only did the documentary open up fresh wounds, but it lends itself to the idea that Green is more worried about his media career than playing basketball and could ultimately lead to him being traded to a new team down the road.

Chris Broussard: "We get you're in the media. We get you do your podcast. That's fine, but let it go. Jordan (Poole) has forgiven you, Jordan is being professional, he's moving on as is the rest of the team. Don't take the scab off... Draymond has been volatile, there's no doubt about it. But still, everybody has liked him for the most part. Charles Barkley was volatile when he played but everybody liked him and his personality. But this is the type of thing that could make people think, 'Man, this dude is selfish'."