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Veteran Quarterbacks Losing Respect of Teammates

Photo: Drew Angerer

We have become so accustomed to seeing guys like Tom Brady, Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers in the playoffs and rallying their teammates to glory that it’s a little jarring when they struggle, as they seem to be this season. Covino & Rich think they may have diagnosed the problem and it’s similar for all these guys: they are losing touch with their squads because they have become too aloof and unapproachable. It’s hard to command respect from guys who have to grind daily when you’re busy dancing the Macarena at the owner’s wedding.

Steve Covino: “Guess when you lose respect. When you’re yelling at an offensive line and you weren’t even there the day before...Are you really in this man? Because we’re living the regular day hustle...”

Rich Davis: “...And you’re doing the Macarena at Robert Kraft’s wedding!”