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Manny Machado Is Starting to Earn His Money

Photo: Ronald Martinez

The San Diego Padres came back from 4 runs down to even the National League Championship Series at 1-1 thanks in no small part to their $300M man, Manny Machado. Dan wonders why anyone is surprised to see Machado tearing it up since he has been consistently strong in playoff games throughout his career and, after all, they are paying him A LOT of cash. And they’ll need him to continue to carry this team while superstar Fernando Tatis is still out on his PED suspension, and Juan Soto is struggling.

Dan Patrick: “I like how sometimes we look at somebody and go, ‘Man, look at Manny Machado!’ OK, you paid him $300M, you can’t go, ‘Ah, that guy’s pretty good.’ He’s been really good in the postseason, and they need him to, ‘cause Juan Soto...Juan So-so. Then you (got), you know, (Fernando) Tatis not there. But Padres, at least they’re making it interesting here.”