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Don’t Count Out Aging Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady

Photo: Carmen Mandato

Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady aren’t accustomed to being below .500 this late in the season and Dan thinks the criticism they are getting today is certainly warranted. After the Green Bay Packers lost to a struggling Washington Commanders team and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost to a woefully depleted Carolina Panthers squad, it seems appropriate to use the term ‘aging’ to describe both quarterbacks this season. But don’t let a bad stretch fool you, these guys have the ability to turn things around quickly so don’t be surprised to find them in the mix come January.

Dan Patrick: “You can call them aging by the way they played. They would be veterans or another description if they were winning. But Aaron Rodgers (and) Tom Brady, and this is what happens, you count them out. How many times have you said about Tom Brady: ‘He can’t come back, it’s 28-3. Ah, that team’s not very good this year!’ And then all of a sudden you go, ‘Yeah, he’s back.’ And they should get better. Green Bay, I don’t know. Right now, I have no idea and I don’t think Aaron Rodgers has any idea either.”