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The Beginning of the End for Russell Westbrook & the Lakers

Photo: Ethan Miller

Rob Parker: “I’m going to blame the Lakers for this mess 100%, this was a lose/lose situation from the very beginning. I understand Westbrook is missing his shot’s and he’s not performing, but everyone and their uncle knew they couldn’t bring back Russell Westbrook this season. Here we are three games in and all year we’re going to hear about Westbrook and how bad he is. You can’t hold a seven point lead with a minute and fifty to go at home? Westbrook is off the hook, this is about the Lakers, clean up the mess! The guys in the front office need to send this guy home or send this guy packing, one or the other Chris!”
Chris Broussard: “I’m not going that far, I understand Westbrook is the scapegoat! We knew this wasn’t going to work with him LeBron and AD. I’m with you on all of that, but I said it they should’ve traded Russell Westbrook and a pick for John Wall. Westbrook is not off the hook with me, he’s not a robot... He doesn’t have to take all these bad shots, I’m sorry! All he has to do is win a championship. Help your legacy Westbrook! Why are you shooting 3-4 three pointers a game while shooting 8% from three pointer!? Now he’s questionable for tomorrow... A hamstring injury I heard no indication of. This looks like the beginning of the end.”

The Lakers have started the season at 0-3 with the slumps of Russell Westbrook causing issues for the team on & off the court. Tonight on The Odd Couple, Chris Broussard & Rob Parker give their opinions on the situation. Rob is a strong believer that this falls on the Lakers organization not just on Westbrook while Chris is super frustrated by the shot selection from Russ in the first three games of the season. Westbrook is now questionable for tomorrow night’s game in Denver. Chris & Rob both agree this is the beginning of the end for Westbrook and the Lakers.