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Kanye West Will Never Recover

Photo: Steph Chambers

Covino and Rich discuss the unavoidable topic that is Mr. Kanye West. With major companies like Adidas and Gap terminating partnerships and professional athletes like Rams DT Aaron Donald and Celtics F Jaylen Brown severing ties with the controversial rapper/fashion designer, the guys discuss whether or not Kanye has fallen so far from greatness that he will never recover.

Rich Davis: "I feel bad for Kim Kardashian because that’s her kid’s father and she has to now navigate through Kanye West’s controversial comments! Yeah, she left him, but she’s still connected to him."
Steve Covino:  "I don’t. I feel bad for the kids, but not her. But the real question is: Can anyone recover from this? In a world where everyone loves a good second chance story, has Kanye really overstayed his welcome? Because the big story is that he’s NEVER going to recover!"