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Nathaniel Hackett Got the Dreaded ‘Vote of Confidence’

Photo: Jeff Bottari

Denver Broncos Head Coach, Nathaniel Hackett received the unadulterated support of his GM, George Paton in a recent press conference and we all know that means he isn’t long for his job. Doug reminds us that Paton is the one responsible for hiring Hackett, and trading for struggling QB Russell Wilson, so his ship is tied to their success. He is ride or die with them so he’d better hope they show improvement. But as things unravel in Denver, the chances of Hackett returning next season are getting slimmer by the day regardless of what Paton says to the media.

Doug Gottlieb: “It is the dreaded ‘vote of confidence.’ Usually that means you’re going to get fired at the end of the year. That one was sent out there because people wondered, with the bye coming up, the long trip back, if he’d get ‘Kiffin-ed’ when he returned.”