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Things May Look Bleak, But the Buccaneers Will Still Win the NFC South

Photo: Mike Ehrmann

Jason Smith: “Things are going to get better for the Buccaneers, because right now is mostly rock bottom for them. Sometimes a mental break is good, and they’ll have that after this game. But take a look and see why you can’t cut bait with the Buccaneers so far... Look at the NFC. The Eagles are currently the best team. Undefeated, MVP leader in Jalen Hurts and they just traded for Robert Quinn. They are far ahead of everyone else. The next best team is the Giants, and are you really going to believe them? Then it’s the Vikings, who you also are skeptical about. So all of the teams at the top are very gettable, and the rest of the NFC is awful, especially in their division. None of the teams in their division are equipped, or trying, to win... So yeah, Tampa will still win the division, probably with a 9-8 record but they will get a home playoff game.”
Mike Harmon: “The Shaq Barrett injury looms large, and they need to find a way to get their defense off the field. But they have a bye week where they can reconfigure some things and get more in-sync on offense, so I do agree that they’ll find a way to be on top of the division at the end of the year.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to the Buccaneers loss to the Ravens on Thursday Night Football. Although things may look bleak right now for the 3-5 Bucs, Jason and Mike both have full faith that the team will still win the NFC South.