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Dan Beyer: What I Love About the Eagles

Photo: Mitchell Leff

Dan Beyer: “This is what I love about the Eagles… They were a flawed team last year. They probably weren’t a playoff team but snuck in! There was a lot they had to address this off-season and they got that done. I remember last season during a primetime game Sirianni refused to run the football with Miles Sanders. Now you transition to this year, it’s a totally different team, embracing the run game and growth with Sanders, and AJ Brown/Devonta Smith shining every week. Most importantly you’ve seen the elevation of Jalen Hurts, he’s proved himself. It’s how good they are everywhere, not just one position. Last year there were so many questions, but everything around them this season is working for them, including coaching which is why they are the only undefeated team in the NFL.” 
George Wrighster: “I’ve been on record, I’ve never questioned Jalen Hurts this off-season, I knew he was going to be good when I saw him workout this off-season. I bought in at that point! There is an element of development that has to happen, coaches have to put them in positions to be successful, and that’s what you’ve seen out of Jalen Hurts and the Eagles. That’s how more teams should approach this, put your quarterback in good situations and not just quit on them when they have a bad game or bad pass. You’ll see your team grow more.” 

Today on Fox Sports Sunday with Dan Beyer and George Wrighster, the guys start the show off talking about the dominating 7-0 Philadelphia Eagles after they took down the Pittsburgh Steelers 35-13 earlier today. Dan Beyer explains his reasoning for his ‘love’ of the Eagles, stating that the reason they’re still undefeated is because they are good at every position, improvement from Jalen Hurts and major off-season moves that are panning out. George stands on his take from the off-season that he never thought Jalen Hurts would be an issue for the Eagles. After seeing Hurts in the off-season at workouts he knew his improvements would put the Eagles in this position.