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There’s No Winners In The Panthers Controversy

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons

Photo: Getty Images North America

Steve Covino: “You want the game to be determined on something stupid like that? I’m torn. I get it, I’m a stickler for rules, affected the outcome, which fires me down a little bit as a fan.”
Rich Davis: “Here’s where it bummed me out: my OCD and wanting things to line up, you guys realize that if the Panthers would have won that game, that whole NFC South – Tom Brady, Mariota and the Falcons, and the Saints – they would have all been 3-5. A full division of all 3-5 teams. The Panthers blew it.”

Steve Covino and Rich Davis talk about the officiating controversy at the end of the Panthers – Falcons game on Sunday, after Panthers WR DJ Moore was flagged for removing his helmet after scoring the game tying touchdown. Listen to the guys explain why he’s stupid for removing his helmet, and why the NFL is also stupid for penalizing a passionate moment!