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Browns Fans Should Celebrate While They Still Can

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns

Photo: Getty Images

Tuesday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, the Browns take care of business against the Bengals on Monday Night Football, but Jonas Knox tells Cleveland fans to enjoy it while they can because they have a long road ahead of them when they return from their bye week.

Jonas Knox: "Browns are heading into the bye week feeling good about themselves. Make no mistake about it, their season is over. I'm just saying, at Miami, at Buffalo coming out of the bye and then you got the Bucs, and then you get Deshaun Watson back. You're 3-5 as it stands right now. You're probably going to be 3-8 by the time Deshaun Watson gets back, it is over, it ain't happening. So celebrate all you want about last night. Congratulations. You got it done. Joe Burrow cannot beat the Browns, but nonetheless, they are finished. I don't care what happened last night."