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The Brawl Between Michigan and MSU Brings Into Question Shared Tunnels

Colorado State v Michigan

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Tuesday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington react to the multiple altercations between teams in the Michigan Stadium tunnel and wonder if the resolution comes down to logistics or accountability.

LaVar Arrington: "Instead of sitting there continuing to downplay what the tunnel has become and what it's representing, and living in the past of saying, 'Well we don't need to change anything. It's always been this way.' There's a lot of things that have always been a certain way and we're starting to see in society that it wasn't always the best thing. It wasn't always the best decision. And you have to start to adapt and adjust. If you're going to keep one tunnel and one entry point into the arena, no problem, but manage it much differently than what you're doing."
Brady Quinn: "This isn't the only place with one tunnel. In the pros you've got it. In Buffalo and Green Bay, you can see Stefon Diggs and Jaire Alexander mouthing off before the game. It happens everywhere. Stop blaming the tunnel. Can we just actually look at ourselves in the mirror and all be more accountable."