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Jason Smith & Mike Harmon React to Kyrie's Late Night Instagram Apology

Photo: Dustin Satloff

Jason Smith: “This story is about education, and it’s about Kyrie learning that what he did was irresponsible. He wasn’t tweeting a different way of thinking, but he tweeted about a movie that was promoting falsehoods. The documentary he tweeted denied the Holocaust happened. There’s a difference between saying, ‘Hey, this is how I think about this thing and it may be a different way of thinking about it, versus, ‘here’s something that’s flat-out false.’ This is what you want in this situation, because maybe he can learn and move forward in a positive way. Now, is this enough? No, because I’d like to hear him say it, because he was very standoffish and elitist to reporters. But, this is a big step in the right direction.”
Mike Harmon: “Hopefully the next press conference will be about how he has since educated himself, and will move forward, instead of being standoffish and discussing how ‘well-read’ he is. It’s fine that he believes he is ‘well-read,’ but he has to own that and answer to questions when he is wrong or challenged.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to Kyrie Irving’s late-night apology he posted to his Instagram. Kyrie apologized for previously sharing a documentary that has anti-Semitic tones. Listen to the full segment above!