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Doug Gottlieb: Kyrie Irving Has Played His Last Game with the Brooklyn Nets

Photo: Dustin Satloff

Doug Gottlieb: "The apology Kyrie Irving released last night was good enough. Had he released it a week ago, none of this would have happened. Durant is right and wrong at the same time. Wishing it away doesn't work. It's such a massive distraction. This was the year where Kyrie was supposed to come back and just play basketball and prove himself worthy of another max contract. The Nets fired their coach, now this is going on. He won't apologize - 'I'm not going to stand down' - gets into it with the media, every day there is something, now he is suspended, and only then does he apologize. No dude, sorry, apology not accepted. I think he has played his last game with the Nets."

Doug Gottlieb reacts to the Brooklyn Nets suspending Kyrie Irving for failure to disavow antisemitism. Doug explains how the Nets' official statement rightfully leaves open the possibility of Irving never returning to the team, and Doug rips into Irving for his statements and inability to apologize in a timely manner. Plus, Doug gives his thoughts on Kevin Durant's comments on his teammate.