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The Next NFL Head Coaches To Get Fired

Houston Texans v Las Vegas Raiders

Photo: Getty Images North America

Jason Smith: "I'll tell you this much: next Monday, we could see two more head coaches fired in the NFL. It's bad right now in Las Vegas. You had Davante Adams saying, after another blown lead yesterday, he doesn't know why they're losing...things are really, really bad, and the Raiders do have too much talent to be in last place!"
Mike Harmon: "Would not be shocked here! As much as you get the dreaded votes of confidence, Frank Reich got one just a week ago! Blowing a 17-point lead, especially against a team like Jacksonville? That's as bad as it gets."

On today's edition of The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon, Jason and Mike tell you which two NFL coaches are next up on the chopping block after the Colts fired Frank Reich earlier today.