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What Will the Seahawks Do With Geno Smith After This Season?

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals

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Monday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington wonder how the Seahawks will handle Geno Smith's contract if he continues his impressive "comeback" campaign.

Jonas Knox: "What do you think Seattle does with Geno Smith at the end of the season? Because he's on a one year deal. He's getting I think $3 million and change and then he's getting like another $3 million in incentives. I would assume he's gonna hit all of those. What do you think they do after the year?"
Brady Quinn: "If you're the Seahawks, you probably say to him, 'Okay look, we're the ones that believed in you. No one else was knocking on the door for you. We got rid of Russ for you. We've got people to build around you. We're going to offer you a three year deal. Your signing bonuses is going to be big as the franchise tag is for next year. That's what we're giving you as a signing bonus.'"
LaVar Arrington: "I will go even more hardcore than that. Like bro, your career was dead. It was on a ventilator and they were having conversations about do we pull the plug and say our goodbyes. Now look at you. So take take this offer we're gonna give you, play this contract out and if you can complete this contract, then we'll have a franchise conversation of contracts."
Brady Quinn: "Look across the league at what other potential teams would need a quarterback. How many of them are going to be willing to give up a huge contract to pay him as compared to just going back into the draft?"