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Covino and Rich: “Loyalty in Sports is A Myth”

Photo: Elsa

Rich Davis: “These guys should test the market! Imagine if your job was cut from the cloth of every few years you could stay with the same company, or go somewhere else and get more money. It’s almost odd if you stick with the same team, it’s like you’re showing you hand too much.”
Steve Covino: “Loyalty is a two-way street, and there is none when it comes to your employer. Trust me, and I’m not talking about FOX Sports Radio, but one thing I learned from the pandemic, is that I’m just a number everywhere else... Gone are the days of a player staying with one team for their entire career. Gone are the days of Derek Jeter and Cal Ripken Jr, and for good reason. As a fan you appreciate that, but from the player’s perspective they have to keep their options open.”

As the MLB free agency period looms, Covino and Rich explain why loyalty in sports is a myth. Players are less compelled to stick with one team, because they can make more money for their worth elsewhere. Listen to the full segment above!