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Jason Smith & Mike Harmon's 3 Biggest Takeaways From the 2nd CFP Rankings

Photo: Ed Zurga

Jason Smith: “The first one, is because of all of the chaos we had this week, the door is wide open. If you have a PAC-12 team that has one loss, they’re going to the College Football Playoff... The second big this: Ohio State and Michigan could both make the playoff. If they both go into their meeting undefeated, it’s a close game and the chaos continues, they both could slide in... Finally, TCU is 4th, which means the committee takes winning and the schedule very seriously. TCU is not a team where they lose their spot to a one loss team in a tougher conference. If TCU finishes undefeated, they’re in the final four.”
Mike Harmon: “I like your resolve on TCU. The committee felt like they had to give TCU something to remain consistent. They’re 6-0 in the conference, and you prop them up now so it’s a great debate, however I think this is setting them up to have their legs swept from underneath them.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon breakdown the newest College Football Playoff rankings, and give you their 3 biggest takeaways from the committee’s rankings. Listen to the full segment above!