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Jim Irsay Is Betting on Jeff Saturday

Photo: Rob Carr

The sports world is transfixed by the story of the Indianapolis Colts hiring former player and current broadcaster, Jeff Saturday as their interim head coach after firing Frank Reich. Some are speculating that Saturday is being set up to fail so the Colts can tank the rest of the season to ensure a high draft pick so they can pick up a good, young quarterback next year. Dan disagrees, believing that Jim Irsay is thinking outside the box and that he truly believes Saturday is a possible long-term replacement.

Dan Patrick: “I don’t think this is, ‘I’m just stopping in.’ Because it feels like Jim Irsay is betting on Jeff Saturday, and even said that in the press conference, ‘You want to bet against this guy? Put your money down.’ That doesn’t sound like you’re bringing somebody in to be an interim head coach.”