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How Battle Tested Are The Undefeated Eagles?

Photo: Carmen Mandato

Covino and Rich react to an anonymous NFL executive letting his opinion fly on the undefeated Philadelphia Eagles. The exec questioned Philadelphia's legitimacy during their hot start through 9 weeks of the season. Whether it’s finding out where you stand in life, your relationships, or where you stand in the NFL, Covino and Rich tell you the many different ways to approach being battle tested!

Steve Covino: “I believe in being battle tested. I believe you don’t know where you stand unless you’ve been. A lot of the times when you haven’t been battle tested, you’re just going along with the status quo. You need to learn how to pivot, and have to learn how to make those adjustments!”

Rich Davis: “In the NFL, there are guys that, until they entered the NFL, never lost! That might be more of a rude awakening when you finally do lose. You need to know what it feels like to get knocked down!”